Weight loss: Women Weight Training Alternative To Diet and Recipe

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☆★☆If you want to lose fat, be toner and have the sexy physique, as quickly as possible without starving yourself or going through surgery or spending ridiculous amount of money in supplements and powders. Then you want to read this book. ☆★☆

Imagine six weeks’ time from now, constantly being complimented on how you look and enjoy the benefits of getting healthier every day, having an exceptional spirit and high energy.

Don’t listen to people who says you can’t get that body of your dreams or you have to spend excessive cash and your valuable time on supplements, long gym hours and starve yourself on dieting to start getting results. This book contradicts such misconception as they are just harmful lies that keep women from achieving the healthy sexy body they truly desire.

Or you may have heard the common misconception that women will bulk up if they do weight training. Rubbish! A woman’s body simply does not have the right hormones that lead to large, bulky muscles, so the effects of weight training are simply different compared to men. Women who develop large muscles would not only lift the weight but also follow a specific diet and take certain supplements to bulk up.

This book reveals things like…

  • Myth that weight trainng will make your look bigger
  • How does weight training benefits a women’s body.
  • Why Weight training, after all, is one of the best investments a woman can make for her health.
  • What is it about weight training that helps your body burn fat faster, healthier and in a more efficient way compared to fat diets that require starvation?
  • Exercises that involve all major muscle groups i.e. your hamstrings, abdominals, calves, back, glutes etc.
  • How you can start set up your own weight training home gym.
  • Knowing exactly what exercise to do in what sequence to reap maximum benefit from the work out session.
  • Understanding how to use periodization effectively
  • Medicine journal which declare how lifting weight can greatly benefit women to lower diseases such as lymphedema.
  • How to cultivate weight training as part of your lifestyle and transform yourself into confident, strong, happy productive and sexy women you only used to dream of.
  • Choosing right weights
  • How you can design and choose your own personalized weight training program.
  • Core weight training exercises and upper and lower body weight training excises.
  • Readymade Workour Log per session to track your progress.
  • Why it is important to have enough rest periods.
  • Questions you should ask yourself to keep your motivated.
  • How to set an exciting fitness routine
  • And much more…

    Women Weight Training will help you achieve your ideal body you truly desire and maintain them. You’ll start by learning the foundation of how weight training helps woman’s body and things you need to start weight training; then you progress to more personalized weight training program with detailed exercises illustrated in easy to understand images.

    You will know all you need to know to set a weight training routine and fill in the workout log per session. Not only that you’ll also be able to create your own personalized weight training program.

    Scroll up and grab a copy today! And begin your journey to a thinner, leaner and have sexy physique

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