120L Extra Large Hiking Camping Backpack

ndes Ramada 120L Extra Large Hiking Camping Backpack/Rucksack Luggage Bag

Andes Ramada 120L Extra Large Hiking Camping Backpack/Rucksack Luggage Bag

The ndes Ramada 120L Extra Large Hiking Camping Backpack/Rucksack Luggage Bag is the ultimate companion for adventurers who demand durability, functionality, and ample storage space. Designed for serious hikers, campers, and travellers, this backpack combines a robust construction with thoughtful design features to ensure your gear is safe, organised, and easily accessible. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip or an extended hiking expedition, the ndes Ramada 120L has got you covered.

Product Features

1. Spacious Capacity

With an impressive 120-litre capacity, this backpack offers unparalleled storage for all your essential gear. The main compartment is large enough to hold tents, sleeping bags, clothing, and more, while multiple external pockets and compartments provide additional space for smaller items. Never worry about running out of room again.

2. Durable Construction

Constructed from high-quality, water-resistant materials, the ndes Ramada 120L backpack is built to withstand the rigours of outdoor adventures. The reinforced stitching and heavy-duty zippers ensure long-lasting durability, while the waterproof coating keeps your belongings dry in wet conditions.

3. Comfort and Support

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, this backpack features adjustable padded shoulder straps, a padded back panel, and a waist belt to evenly distribute weight and reduce strain on your back and shoulders. The breathable mesh material promotes airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable during long hikes.

4. Organised Storage

Stay organised with the ndes Ramada 120L’s numerous pockets and compartments. The main compartment features a divider for separating gear, while external zippered pockets and mesh side pockets provide easy access to smaller items like water bottles, maps, and snacks. An integrated rain cover offers additional protection from the elements.

5. Versatile and Functional

This backpack is designed with versatility in mind. The adjustable straps and compression straps allow you to customise the fit and secure your load, while the attachment points for trekking poles and gear loops provide additional carrying options. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or travelling, the ndes Ramada 120L adapts to your needs.

6. Safety Features

Your safety is a priority with the ndes Ramada 120L. The backpack includes reflective accents to enhance visibility in low-light conditions, and the built-in whistle on the chest strap can be used to signal for help in emergencies. Additionally, the bright interior lining makes it easier to find items in low-light situations.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 120 litres
  • Material: High-quality water-resistant fabric
  • Dimensions: 85 x 40 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Colour: Available in multiple colours
  • Included: Integrated rain cover, trekking pole attachment points, gear loops

Why Choose the ndes Ramada 120L?

The ndes Ramada 120L Extra Large Hiking Camping Backpack/Rucksack Luggage Bag stands out for its exceptional storage capacity, durability, and comfort. It’s designed to meet the demands of avid hikers, campers, and travellers, offering a reliable solution for carrying all your gear. The thoughtful design features and safety enhancements make it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Invest in a backpack that combines practicality with rugged performance, and enjoy your adventures with peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

John D.


“I’ve used the ndes Ramada 120L on several hiking trips, and it has never let me down. The storage capacity is incredible, and it’s comfortable to carry even when fully loaded. The quality is top-notch, and the rain cover is a lifesaver in wet weather. Highly recommend!”

Sarah M.


“This backpack is a game-changer for camping trips. It’s spacious, durable, and has so many pockets to keep everything organised. The reflective accents are a nice touch, and I feel safer hiking in low light. Great value for money!”

Mark T.


“Overall, a fantastic backpack for the price. It’s very well-made and comfortable to wear for long periods. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because I wish it had a bit more padding on the waist belt. Otherwise, it’s perfect.”

Lisa H.


“The ndes Ramada 120L is the best backpack I’ve ever owned. It’s incredibly spacious and has plenty of compartments to keep everything organised. The material is sturdy and water-resistant, which is great for unpredictable weather. I love it!”

David P.


“Great backpack for hiking and camping. The 120-litre capacity is perfect for carrying all my gear, and the adjustable straps make it comfortable to wear. The only minor issue I had was with the zippers, but customer service was quick to help. Would buy again.”

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