A Different Approach to Landscape Photography

Have you ever made a shot list for a landscape photography location only to end up disappointed or disconnected from your final images? Maybe you need a new approach.

In this video from professional landscape photographer David Johnston, he admits that he feels your pain and has been there before. Rushing into a location and drilling out your shots can end with messy results. During a recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, Johnston took a different approach. He slowed down.

With no agenda, there is a freedom in both the timing of creating images as well as in your mind by not setting yourself up with expectations. For my own photography, half the time I also try following this approach where from the moment I get out of my car, I’ll just wander until I see something interesting to me and start pulling on that thread to find where it leads. I have no expectation it’s going to go anywhere, but in that moment I’m enjoying myself get lost in something different. In the end, if I’m fortunate, I come away with a photo that I feel much more connected to.