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Get disciplined post festivities – Times of India

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Festivities are a time of joy, celebration and of course food! For many people, the idea of indulging in festive food overwhelms them and the fear and stress of piling on weight creeps up. Well, firstly, it’s necessary to understand the connection between food and the kind of relationship you build with it. Food is not the reason why you gain weight or suffer from a health condition. The culprit is the person eating it and his/her lifestyle. It’s a bitter truth that most of us don’t want to hear. So, while you consciously practice mindful eating, portion control, moderation, proper chewing, here are some more lifestyle tweakings you can adopt to maintain good health. Mind you, these are simple,
inexpensive and natural ways. All you need is self-discipline and effort.

Tabata before treat

Tabata workout is a great way to stoke your metabolism in less than 4 minutes. It’s a set of 8 exercises that makes you work out at a maximum intensity for 20 secs followed by 10 secs. Exercises like planks, squats, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks, high knees can easily fit into a Tabata. Four-minute Tabata is powerful because it turns body into a fat-burning machine and keeps metabolism high for the next few hours.

Sure, you always listen to your body when it comes to adopting a new exercise, else you risk injury. Jerky movements may not suit those who suffer from knee issues, so you may want to carve out a Tabata plan that suits your health condition. There are various Tabata apps and YouTube videos that can help you find the best fit.

Time your dessert

Don’t gorge on the leftover sweets. It’s an in-built intelligence of our body that directs us to eat, digest, absorb, assimilate, sleep, secrete certain hormones at a specific time of the day. We function best when we live as close to our circadian rhythm as possible. Our circadian rhythm has a huge effect on various metabolic processes in our body. It turns out, that our metabolism is at its peak during the afternoon, meaning that it is the best time of the day to fit in a dessert or any treat meal. As the day proceeds, our metabolism dips and slows down. Also, we do not need additional energy (read carbohydrates) at night because its requirement is much less when we sleep and rest.

That said, these strategies are not a free ticket to go all out and overdo on sweets. We still need to practice moderation, portion control, healthy relationships with food and above all, guilt-free eating.

It turns out, that our metabolism is at its peak during the afternoon, meaning that it is the best time of the day to fit in a dessert or any treat meal

Smart fasting: More than anything, fasting is a great way to instill “discipline”. Eat within a specific window and refrain from eating at a particular time. This approach allows us to enjoy foods within the framework of nature. If you are anywhere close to the idea of fasting post-dinner until the next day’s afternoon – then you also prevent chances of late-night eating and drinking. You could adopt intermittent fasting, dry fasting or integrate both. Make sure you start and stop fast the right way.

By: Luke Coutinho

Holistic Lifestyle Coach-

Integrative Medicine

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