Gifts for music lovers: killer Christmas gifts for rock and metal fans

It can be hard buying pressies for the rock and metal fan in your life. You can’t buy them a black t-shirt for every birthday and Christmas. What’s more, given the average devotee’s dedication to the genre, most are avid collectors of many of their favourite bands’ releases and memorabilia, so there’s a good chance they’ve already crossed off most of the good ideas on your current list.

Luckily, it’s this same passionate devotion that leads to bands and independent sellers creating more and more cool swag for every facet of life, bearing the logos of Metallica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and the rest. While a quick search of sites like Etsy, EMP and Impericon will throw up a host of rad ideas, our selection of awesome gifts for music lovers and cool metal-themed novelties should help you fill the rock ‘n’ roll stockings this Christmas.

We’ve compiled our list of surefire Christmas crackers, and our price comparison technology has found today’s best prices, too.

Don’t forget that Black Friday 2019 will be rocking up later this month too. We reckon it could be an opportunity to find some great bargains on music gear, vinyl, turntables, headphones and more. We’ll be bringing you the best deals across the event.

The best gifts for music lovers right now

Gifts for music lovers: Judas Priest Painkiller jigsaw

(Image credit: EMP)

1. Judas Priest Painkiller puzzle

Given they’re celebrating their 50th anniversary, this old-school present is a guaranteed winner for any Judas Priest diehard. After all, what’s more wholesome than doing a family jigsaw puzzle over the festive period, especially one as ripping as the Painkiller album cover. There are also Maiden and Slayer varieties available for those who find jigsaws of Monet and maps a little dull.