New Year’s Resolution: Getting Healthy in 2020

New Year’s Resolution: Getting Healthy in 2020

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NORTH CAROLINA — New Year’s Eve is around the corner and people are getting a head start on weight loss resolutions.

  • Quick diets, skipping meals, and unrealistic goals may hinder your weight loss resolutions
  • Medical professionals recommed portion control, calorie counting, and exercise to reach your resolution

Medical professionals say you may be going about it the wrong way however, by trying quick diets, skipping meals, or setting unrealistic goals.

Instead, they suggest portion control and counting calories to reach your resolution.

“I would try and set my goal for the new year — I want to be healthier,” said Emily Fischer, Family Nurse Practitioner with Novant Health. “Not necessarily I want to lose ‘x’ amount of pounds, but I want to be healthier, and I want to start by eating better.”

For weight loss questions contact your health provider.

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