Photographer Takes Pictures Throughout Her C-Section to Document Her Son’s Birth

Photographer Takes Pictures Throughout Her C-Section to Document Her Son’s Birth

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A photographer has documented her own child’s birth, taking a series of snaps as she underwent a C-section. The images show the incredible first moments of her son’s life.

A photographer for over six years, Alex Mooney has been shooting birth stories for the last three-and-a-half. Having a great passion for birth photography, and after deciding that her fifth child was to be her last, she wanted to document the occasion. Speaking exclusively to Fstoppers, she explained:

This was my last baby and was a very special birth in that regard, but also that it was our rainbow babe after our fourth was stillborn in October 2018, and I so wanted a healing, positive C-Section to go out on since my last one was quite the opposite.

Her OB was supportive of the idea when she proposed it. Mooney had her birth photographer Victoria on hand to capture everything that was going on, but she was determined to capture the moment baby Teddy was lifted out for herself. With her husband at her side ready to pass the camera over, Mooney explains she first took a few snaps of him, and once the drape was dropped, her focus turned to the newborn.

As for the challenges, having an IV in her arm, pulse ox on her finger, and blood pressure cuff on her other arm made for a less-than-ideal shooting setup.

Check out the incredible resulting set of images below.

See more of Alex’s work at her website and Facebook page, and Victoria’s can also be found via her website and on Facebook.

Images courtesy Alexandria Mooney Photography, and Victoria of Fresh Pine Photography and used with permission. 

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