Box Of Favours® – The Ultimate New Gift For Someone Special


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Box Of Favours is more than just a gift… When you give someone a Box Of Favours you are giving them the most precious thing of all… your time.

In todays throw-away society, gifts are often purchased without much thought or care, they are simply a token to acknowledge an occasion. A Box Of Favours is a promise to spend time with someone and help them out with a few thoughtful favours at the same time.

Inside a Box Of Favours you will find A Contract, 10 Set Favour Cards and 5 Blank Favour Cards

The concept of Box Of Favours is simple…

  • Buy a Box Of Favours for someone
  • Fill in the 5 black favour cards
  • Sign the tongue in cheek contract inside (A promise to fulfil the favours)
  • Give the Box Of Favours away to someone special
  • When they present you with the favour card.. you do the favour!

Remember….. What goes around comes around!

‘It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving’ – Mother Teresa

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