Cute Magic Hatching Growing Dinosaur Eggs – 6pcs




Name: Small Size Hatching Dinosaur Eggs – 6PCS

Material: EVA

Size: 2 * 3cm, the size is the same as quail eggs

Colour: colour crack (random colour)

Function: Teach children to know the process of animal hatching; soak the dinosaur eggs in room temperature water for 24-48 hours, it will hatch a dinosaur, can exercise the child’s patience, and satisfying the children’s curiosity.

Instructions for use:

1, The egg soaked in water (Note: the water temperature below 36 degrees).

2, 12-24 hours later, the egg shell began to split (Note: need to add water).

3, After 2-3 days, it will hatch a dinosaur and grow slowly.