Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy


  • Batteries Included inside Harry so your new pet is ready to go just open the box and pull tab
  • Harry walk, bark, talk, sing, dance and makes other dog sounds. Kids will giggle for fun petting him
  • He is a cute dalmatian puppy toy for kids and toy electric robot dog for family fun. Sensors responds to your touch
  • Play and chase on smooth surfaces, Harry keeps walking with Bump n Go feature and is a dog with music
  • Your satisfaction with electronic puppies is important to us. WEoffer money back guarantee


Play interactive games as Harry the happy robot dog responds to your touch and does walking, barking, singing, talking, plays music, and dancing.

Summary of Activities and Functions:

Power button ON/OFF is on his back. Harry will introduce himself in a Europe English accent and starts walking around and sings a short song. Chasing game.

Harry will ask you to chase after him. He can bump and go against an the wall or furniture. If there are obstacles on two sides like your foot and a wall, Harry will say he is lost and make a cute puppy sound.

Auto Off After 30 seconds of no activity, Harry will tell you he is going to take a nap and shutdown Touch head: Singing Songs and Dancing. How much is the doggy in the window. Give the dog a bone – Mary had a little lamb Touch under the tail (backside): Harry says sorry after making a sound and laughs hehehe Touch his back the blue spot: Chasing game. Pull tail: moves around and asks you to stop Touch Nose. Harry will talk and yelp. He is an adorable Electronic Robot Toy Dog and he can be YOUR PET.

Like a real dog he can do barking, walking, Bump and Go, and make puppy sounds, and like you he can do singing, dancing and talking. Made of strong plastic.

Grandmothers and older adults will love their new Interactive Pet Dog Harry especially with Alzheimer, Dementia or any Memory Loss.

Great for playing with children and older adults with memory loss.

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