FUTURE ROBOT Recording Talking Robot for Kids




Hi, I’m a robot DADA from Alloy Planet,I hope that the master will like your new friends and have a very interesting conversation with me.
I’ll repeat you word for word in my own wacky way.

1、Press the ON/OFF button on Robot’s head to power on; a powerup sound effect will play. touch the sensing area of the head,It can switch the LED lights of different sounds and eyes,Very funny.
2、Press ON/OFF again to activate Repetitive Speech MODE; this cool kids robot toy repeats everything you say,up to 20 seconds at a time!
3、Press the ON/OFF button again to turn Robot off (and conserve battery power); a power-down sound effect will play.
4、Robot will turn off automatically after a short while if he detects no sound.

*Remove cover with a small Phillips screwdriver, Follow the installation instructions shown in the figure below 【or the battery installation instructions at the bottom of the packaging box】,Put in three new LR44 1.5V button batteries.
*Replace the battery pack, reinsert screw and tighten.After the screwdriver is used up, please put it in a safe place and you can’t let the children play.
*DO NOT dispose of batteries in fire; batteries may leak or explode,Batteries must be handled immediately with the person in charge.

*Robot toys is equipped with 3 non-rechargeable LR44 1.5V button-cell batteries.
*Check Robot to ensure battery compartment is secure before play,Do not mix different types of batteries, or new and used batteries.
*Use only LR44 1.5V button-cell batteries,Do not allow children to play with batteries,Do not attempt to repair or interfere with battery compartment or terminals.

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