NINTENDO 2DS & Mario Kart 7


  • 4.8″ & 4.1″ screens
  • Built-in WiFi
  • SD memory card slot


Beat your friends to the finish line, collect awesome powerups and even enjoy your old favourite games with the Nintendo 2DS & Mario Kart 7.

The 2DS has two vivid and crisp touchscreens that bring you closer to the onscreen action, or you can choose to use the stylus to breeze through games. The dual processing units mean that the 2DS delivers speedy handheld gaming.

It’s backwards compatible, so you can enjoy all your favourite 3DS games too.

Mario Kart 7 is included with this console. Building on the popular Mario Kart series, MK7 lets you use hang-glider attachments for your karts, customise your karts and even drive underwater. Battle on various tracks and challenge your friends and players around the world.

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