Nintendo Classic Mini Console: Super Nintendo Entertainment System




The golden age of 16-bit gaming returns.

Yoshi, Samus and the Star Fox crew are waiting for you to come and play.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System has the original look and feel of the ‘90s home console, only smaller. Plus, this one comes fully loaded with 21 games!

The ‘90s called – they want their controllers back

Two wired retro Super NES controllers are included for multiplayer gaming right out of the box.

Get your hands on some of the best two-player games of the era, including Super Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country.

Rewind: This feature lets you rewind up to five minutes of gameplay from your last save. Each game can save up to four suspend points.

Play: Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System is also compatible with the Wii Classic Controller and Wii Classic Controller Pro accessories*. You can just plug them in and play!

*Sold separately.

Frames: Wrap a cool border around your game with the new Frame feature. Some of the frames change colour based on the game being played.

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