Pixie Belles Aurora-Interactive Enchanted Animal Toy


  • Keep your Pixie Belle close to your heart with their unique magnetic pods that allow you to wear them on your clothing!
  • Pixie Belles tell you their mood with their colour changing horn!
  • Pixie Belles come with Kiss Tech which detects your cheek to give you a kiss! The longer you hold, the longer it lasts!
  • 3 Fun Modes including Nurture Mode, Pixie Power Dance Mode and Spin Mode
  • Interchangeable and wearable tails! Swap them between Pixie Belles, or wear them in your hair, on your wrist, or even as a keychain! Batteries Included
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New pet alert! Introducing Pixie Belles, the cute creatures that bring you love, light, and LOTS of fun movements, wherever you go! With a heart-to-heart connection, you and your Pixie Belles will be inseparable! Bond with your Belles – they let you know their mood based on the colour of their horn. Have a dance party – with 6 different dances your Pixie Belles will never miss a beat! Spin time – talk out loud or clap your hands and watch the Belles spin to your rhythm! They react to touch, motion and sound and include unique interchangeable tails that double as bracelets, key-chains and scrunchies that you can wear anywhere!

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