Pomsies Lumies Dazzle GoGo


  • ● Interactive Pom Pom Pets magically match and glow any color!
  • ● Music mode turns colors into beats. 1, 000 possible mixes!
  • ● Reacts to color with over 100 sounds and phrases.
  • ● Bold hairstyles, sparkly unicorn horns, and heart-shaped faces.
  • ● 3 fun games.
  • ● Includes a hair clip comb.
  • ● Ages 3+
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Interactive plush pets that change colours.
lumies are lovable, rainbow-charged pom pom pets that interact with colour in magical ways! With a simple tap, lumies can match any colour and even turn colours into musical beats—up to 1, 000 possible mixes! Keep lumies feeling Happy and balanced by “feeding” them with colour they’ll react with over 100 sounds and phrases depending on their mood and the colours you find. You can even match lumies to the colour of your outfit and play games! Featuring bold hairstyles and sparkly unicorn horns, lumies’ personalities shine bright! Heart-shaped faces show just how much they love colour, so join lumies by chasing Rainbows and mixing beats!

meet dazzle Gogo! This ray of sunshine is always in the mood To go, play, and explore—which is probably how she got her name! Dazzle Gogo is all about expressing her true colours and Will inspire you to do the same.

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