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See in the new festive period with this fascinating selection of milk, white and dark chocolate goodies behind every door.


  • Salted Fudge Star – Smooth salted fudge, smothered in our dreamy milk chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate
  • Gingerbread Star – A smooth hazelnut and gingerbread praline covered in white chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate powder
  • Dark Chocolate Truffle Star – A luxurious dark chocolate ganache coated in rich dark chocolate with a white chocolate sprinkle
  • Nutty Caramel – A Heavenly combination of smooth praline and gooey caramel, encased in a smooth white chocolate swirl
  • Salted Butterscotch – A smooth butterscotch ganache and a sprinkle of Cornish seal salt in a milk chocolate shell
  • Orange Crisp – Tangy orange flavoured truffle with pieces of crispy wafer coated in milk chocolate.
  • Gooey Caramel – Soft, buttery caramel wrapped in a deliciously smooth milk chocolate cup.
  • Creamy Fudge – Silky smooth fudge, smothered in dreamy milk chocolate and drizzled lovingly.
  • Strawberries Dream – A classic combination of real strawberries and double cream, smothered in milk chocolate.
  • Turkish Delight – Delicate rose flavoured Turkish Delight covered in rich dark chocolate with a feathered milk chocolate finish.
  • Vanilla Snowflake – A soft white chocolate and vanilla centre in a crisp white chocolate shell.
  • Festive Christmas Tree – A chunky milk chocolate festive treat.

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