Ted Bundy


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Ted Bundy seemed to be a friendly young law student. But behind his pleasant façade lurked a demonic psychopath who preyed on young girls.

At 7.18 a.m. on the morning of 24 January 1989, an executioner hired by the state of Florida flipped a switch and sent a 2,000-volt surge of electricity coursing through the body of Ted Bundy. For 60 seconds the mass killer arched and twisted against the straps that held him, as if fighting death. Then, as the power was switched off, he sank back, his life extinguished. ‘Old Sparky’, the oldest electric chair in America, had done its duty once again.

It was nice years and 277 days since the death sentence had been passed. Across the USA, in a nation used to outbreaks of bizarre and horrific crime, work stopped as people stood around TV sets, popping champagne corks and cheering at the news. After 15 years, America’s most loathed mass killer had finally been dealt with. On the eve of his death, Bundy, the handsome young lawyer, by now 42, finally broke down and confessed to the murder of 23 young women. Detectives believe the true figure was 36, with several more lives ruined after surviving his appalling attacks.
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