The Bamber Family Murders


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The Bamber Family Murders:
It seemed an open-and shut case. This middle class family had been killed in a fit of derangement by their beautiful adopted daughter, who then killer herself. Only the handsome son was left. At least, that was what everyone was supposed to think.

Time of Death:
When a body is found, the police surgeon takes charge at the scene of discovery. He disturbs the body as little as possible until photographs have been taken, and then makes a number of on-the-spot observations to establish the time of death before the body is removed to the mortuary.

Dentist of Death:
Many criminals think that they can outwit the law by ensuring that the evidence if their crime is never found. Doctor Samuel Perera was such a man. He thought he cold get away with murder.

The Mad Bomber of New York:
New York’s ‘Mad Bomber’ was brought to justice with the assistance of the first psychological profile of a criminal. It remains one of the most amazingly accurate depictions of the criminal mind ever recorded.
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