The Black Panther


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The Black Panther
In the early 1970s, the North and Midlands were plagued by a series of murderous Post Office raids. Then, in 1975 this reign or terror took on a new dimension with the kidnap of Lesley Whittle.

Teeth that tell tales
A human body can be smashed beyond all recognition, but if the teeth remain, the identity of the victim can usually be established.

The Skeleton in the carpet
Nobody knew who she was or how long her body had been buried. But the investigators had a wide range of forensic techniques to help them solve the mystery.

Harvey Glatman: Glamour Girl Slayer
Harvey Murray Glatman was sexually inexperienced and dreamed about women. When he turned his dreams into a perverted reality, however, they turned out to be deadly nightmares for his victims.
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