Whisky Stones Gift Set


  • ❄❄ NO MORE WATERING DOWN ❄❄ Your last sip will be like the first – finally no watering down anymore! The GOURMEO Whisky Stones keep your drink chilled, without diluting it. Bourbon, Single Malt, Scotch or Brandy can be enjoyed pure and unadulterated. When using for vodka, cognac, rum or wine simply increase the number of stones per glass depending on the beverage size.
  • ❄❄ COOLING PERIOD ❄❄ The stones are not an identical substitute for ice cubes for chilling drinks ice-cold. Rather, they serve to keep the whisky at a cool temperature for a while without dilution: Cooling time in summer: approx. 15 minutes, Cooling time in winter: approx. 30 minutes
  • ❄❄ 100% NATURAL SOAPSTONE ❄❄ GOURMEO Whiskey Stones are made from 100% natural soapstone which is tasteless and odourless, they are LFGB- und FDA certified and guaranteed to last a lifetime. The carefully sculpted smooth edges prevent scratching or damage to glasses.
  • ❄❄ EASY TO USE ❄❄ Wash the GOURMEO Whisky Stones before usage and put them in the freezer for at least 4-5 hours. Then add 3-4 stones to a quantity of 15-20 ml of Whisky and your drink will be kept perfectly cool.
  • ❄❄ MUST HAVE ❄❄ GOURMEO´s practical set of 9 Whisky Stones are a must-have for every whiskey lover or fan of cooled drinks. Together with their velvet storage bag they make an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter or for any party or occasion.


Enjoy genuine unalteres Whisky! Whisky in Irish – uisce beatha – means the water of life. Traditionally, this Aqua vitae was drank on the rocks by lovers and connoisseurs. Cooling with ice-cubes have a clear disadvantage: the melting ice dilutes the whisky ruining the taste and overall experience!

The 18 mm x 18 mm Whisky Stones are made of 100% natural soapstone. They wont melt in your glass; the taste and flavours of your drink remain pure. They can be stored and easily transported in their compact velvet pouch. After just a few hours in the freezer the cubes are ready to cool. Soapstone is 100% odour-free and has a neutral taste and they wont absorb the taste of yor whisky or drink of choice.

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