Wireless Charging Mouse Mat



mouse mat


  1. This 3 in 1 wireless charging dock station does not come with AC Adapter, you’d better have one before buying this charger.
  2. The conversion efficiency of wireless charging is 75%-80%. Do not compare the charging speed of the original adapter with the charging speed of wireless charging.
  3. The charging distance is 0-8mm, please don’t use thick phone cases, and do not use metal and magnatic phone case, because of this charger equipped with the latest WPC QI Foreign Object Detection function.
  4. Very thick silicone phone case is easy to cause the phone temperature is too high, there is a part of energy loss when wireless charging, thick silicone phone case does not benefit heat.
  5. The wireless charging section can support all phones that comply with the Qi protocol.
  6. If your mobile phone does not comply with the Qi protocol, please select the wireless receiver produced by the regular manufacturer.
wireless changer

C&Xanad – The concept of design products

  • Design products that meet market needs
  • Improve the details of each product
  • Improve the user experience
  • The wireless charging panel has a protective film.
mouse mat
mouse pad
mouse pad
wireless changer

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