Sequel to Andrew Wakefield’s anti-vaccine film to be released in secret venues across US

A string of studies in the last nine years have found no link between the MMR vaccine and autism, including a decade-long study by researchers at Copenhagen’s Statens Serum Institut which followed more than half a million Danish children born from 1999 to 2010.

But US federal and state health officials have warned the spread of misinformation by anti-vaccine groups on social media has heavily contributed to a spike in measles cases, with 1,250 cases of the highly contagious disease recorded so far this year.

Another prominent figure involved in the production of “Vaxxed II” is Robert F Kennedy Jnr, the activist son of the late Robert Kennedy. He incorrectly claimed to the Guardian that many of those affected by the current measles outbreaks were people who had already been vaccinated. In fact, the US stated the cases occurred primarily among people who had not received vaccines.