Turning Your Passion Into Profits

Turning Your Passion Into Profits

Making money from something that you love to do and are passionate about. It sounds impossible, right? It’s not, and it can be your reality. Since 2008, my wife and I have been making a full-time income online. We have about 16 different streams of income ranging everything from selling physical products to our variety of books and courses on growing an online business.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to never have to get a “real” job since being married.

And now as a father to my 2-year-old son Callen, I have the freedom to do all the fun daddy things with him — even during the day. One of the things I am very passionate about is helping others create this freedom in their lives. You have to ask yourself: What are you interested in? What are you passionate about? What do you have a lot of knowledge about? What topic can you talk about for hours? What comes easy to you? And ask yourself: Can you imagine turning that passion into a business that pays you real money?

Let’s say you are passionate about soccer. Maybe you even coach your kids’ team, but that doesn’t pay anything; however, you don’t care. You do it because you love it. But you can turn that passion into a business.

Private lessons or coaching would be an obvious one, but consider the following ideas: creating an online soccer training course, starting a soccer camp (rather than having one or two clients at once, you could have upwards of 50), designing your own brand of soccer gear and accessories, writing a book about the sport or maybe starting a soccer-related podcast.

What if your passion is a bit more obscure? Take my friend Nancy, for instance. She makes beautiful wreaths, and her business used to be selling them one by one on eBay. That’s a hard business to scale, so she decided to switch gears. One day, she started teaching others how to make and sell wreaths. She now has a large email list and a Facebook group of people who look to her for the latest craft-making tips and strategies. She has written several books and even does coaching on how to create a craft business. And by the way, she makes more money now with teaching than she did making and selling the wreaths.

Whatever your niche, there is a group of hungry people waiting for your content. And they will pay you for it. So the obvious question comes down to this: How would you find them? Since this is something you are passionate about, you probably already know some of them. You might be interacting with them in your everyday life or hanging out in the same Facebook groups. So start asking them questions: What do they need? What problems are they experiencing that you can solve? Get to know those people, and serve them well. Business is relationships, and people do business with those they know, like and trust. 

Ryan Reger is happily married to his wife, Melane, and is a proud father to his son, Callen. They reside in Southlake. 

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