Will Marriage Story be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video?

Will Marriage Story be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video?

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Marriage Story is currently out in theaters on a limited release but will head to streaming next month. Will that be on Amazon Prime Video? Sadly not.

The latest movie to hit theaters is Marriage Story, but it’s only received a limited release. Next month, it’s going to streaming. Will that be Amazon Prime Video? Sadly, it won’t be.

Marriage Story will be heading to Netflix. It’s classed as a Netflix Original, and if you want to see it after the short and limited theatrical run, that’s where you’re going to have to subscribe. But what about in the future?

The clue is in the “Netflix Original” part. This isn’t going to be leaving Netflix, which means it’s not heading to another streaming post. Sadly, you won’t be able to watch Marriage Story on Amazon Prime Video in the future.

Well, of course, never say never. There is a slim chance that something will happen that leads to Amazon and Netflix joining forces, but that isn’t likely to happen. The two have a big enough brand each that won’t likely lead to them joining together.

And it’s not like Netflix is going to want to put any of its shows and movies elsewhere if it can avoid it. With Disney+, Apple TV+, and more streaming services coming out, Netflix will feel some threat and will want to make as much as exclusive to subscribers as possible.

This is a movie that is also unlikely to head to DVD and Blu-ray. Again, it’s a way to keep it exclusive to the service. You can’t really blame Netflix for wanting to do that!

Check out the trailer for Marriage Story below:

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What do you think of Marriage Story? Will you subscribe to Netflix to watch it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Marriage Story is out in theaters on a limited release and will be on Netflix on Dec. 6.

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