The best books on street photography in 2019

It might not be easy to exactly define the limits of street photography, but one thing is definite: it’s cool. Talented street photographers achieve a respect far beyond fellow artists and professionals; names like Henri Cartier-Bresson exist in the public consciousness.

As a very accessible artform, with so many participants coming from so many different starting points (historically and technically), street photography is also the subject of much robust debate. What counts as street? Is it candid? Is it documentary? Must you use film, or black and white? Should you stick to a certain wide-angle lens? What are, if any, the “rules”?

Mastering street photography involves grasping both technical challenges and developing the knack of seeing and appreciating the world around you. One of the best ways to do that is to explore the work of the previous generations, and their work can only truly be understood in the context of the equipment available to them. This truly is an area in which it’s rewarding to skim the surface or to dive right in.

With such a wealth of possible out there, how can you choose where to start? The best way is to find a book which best suits you, from our selection…

1: Mastering Street Photography

All the appeal of a coffee table book in a thorough guide

Author: Brian Lloyd-Duckett | Publisher: Ammonite | Pages: 176 | ISBN-10: 1781452695 | ISBN-13: : 978-1781452691